Sunday, 28 February 2010

First Sales!

I was delighted yesterday to suddenly find I had made my first sale, it means a lot when you are just starting out in a new store (in this case Etsy) . Even views are strangely exciting, but sales? Fantastic! And then I woke this morning to 3 more :) Each package will go on its way first thing tomorrow as the PO is closed today. I shall spend the next day or two filling my shop.

Friday, 26 February 2010

New photos!

My light tent arrived today and I am looking forward to getting home and trying it out to see if i can improve my pictures. Photography is so frustrating and not my strong point, but I would like to take some decent product shots of my beads etc. Will post some pics later if they come out ok!

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The Etsy Learning Curve

I thought I would catalogue my first weeks as a new seller on Etsy -hopefully I will be able to look back at my baby steps fondly in the years to come. Successful selling years I hope! I have such a lot of stock to list and it is much more time consuming than you would first think. With any luck I will get quicker with practice. I decided to list each type and size of bead in my mixes as part of the listing so far, and I might try some lucky dip selections as well as the week progresses. The photography needs some work! I will probably need a light box or light tent, this seems to be recommended by many online shop keepers. So that is on my list of acquisitions for my shop. That list grows ever longer the more I learn. I am finding a ton of useful information freely given by forum members on Etsy, which is immensely helpful and gratifying. I hope I will soon be able to offer advice from my own experiences. OK I now need to disappear and think about listing some more treasures......