Sunday, 11 April 2010

New Kashmiri Beads in Stock

I am delighted with the new consignment of Kashmiri handmade beads that have just arrived from India, the quality of the beads is amazing, and they have been really well looked after-no scrapes or bumps, just perfect beads. I am happy to say that they are selling fast, and soon I will need to order again, adding more designs to the range on offer.
Each handmade bead is a unique work of art in itself, carefully made with polymer clay and resin, and incorporating tiny details, such as seed beads, brass and copper rings, tiny pieces of glass and metal, sequins or rhinestones. My favourite are the black and silver ones with a touch of turquoise, Sue loves the red flower beads. They are all very pretty beads and ideal for adding a bit of exotic luxury to your jewellery design.
Here is where you can buy my beads: Etsy Dawanda

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